Traceability Management Technology

Management technology that handles quality control scientifically, based on quality data, and provides customers with products of stable quality while promptly responding to quality issues.​


Speedy Lot Tracing
Centralized management of production history information speeds up the identification of causes and the narrowing down of targets when quality problems occur​
Sign Monitoring
Quality defects are prevented by monitoring signs of change from quality data accumulated on a daily basis
Global Quality Visualization
The quality status of production bases in remote areas is visualized

Application Examples​

Speedy Lot Tracing​

Speedy Lot Tracing

When quality fluctuations occur, the products/parts/scope affected and change history can be analyzed from the order number information, thus easily narrowing down the target range. ​​

Sign Monitoring​

Sign Monitoring

A warning email will be sent automatically upon detection of abnormal trends. Correction results logs can also be checked to help prevent recurrence. ​

Quality Visualization​

Quality Visualization

Quality can be improved by comparing quality information and 4M change information and identifying the 4M change points that cause quality fluctuations.