Solutions for PC Board Designers: 4 Requirements to Consider in Electronic Board Design

Omron offers optimized solutions and services to support your business from product design to production. The environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is drastically changing.
Design and production divisions in your company must be facing managerial challenges to cope with the rapidly changing manufacturing environment.
To solve your managerial challenges, our electronic and mechanical components offer optimized solutions and support services provided on a global scale.

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01Energy-saving Electrical Components

Omron components help save energy and suppress heat in circuit design

We have two types of solutions to achieve energy savings for your devices. One is to use low power consumption type relays.
The other is to adopt low power consumption drive design with latching type and coil voltage holding type relays.

01-1Low power consumption devices

High-sensitivity type (low power consumption)Small amount of an applied voltage to switch between ON and OFF

01-2For low power consumption drive design

Latching typeFeatures a low power consumption by transmitting a signal only when ON and OFF switching takes place.

Standard type relay/The contacts are in switching mode when the power is supplied to the coil and returns to its original state when the power is cut off.
Power relay: G6BU (Typical model)/Maintains the contacts On or OFF state simply with a pulse input without the continuous supply power.
<Other Latching type models>
Power relay : G5RL-U/-K, G6BU/K, G6C
Surface-mount relay : G6K, G6SU/K
What is a latching function?
When a voltage is applied to the coil, the contacts switch ON and OFF. The latching function enables maintaining the contact position even after the voltage is cut off. This saves coil power consumption while the device is in operating mode and ultimately contributes to energy-saving.
Reduces coil power consumption while contacts are in the ON position[Saves energy significantly! Particularly when the device is kept in operating mode for long time]

Holding typeFeatures a low power consumption by transmitting a signal only when ON and OFF switching takes place.

Standard type relay/The user needs to continuously send a signal to keep the relay in On position
Power relay: G6QE/Ensures good ON position even when the applied voltage is reduced to 35% Omron evaluation as of Oct.2018[Coil power Consumption reduction by Approx. 88%]

02Assemble time reduction / automatization

Diverse lineup of component products that contribute to automated mounting

Omron has a line up of surface-mount components suitable for automatic PCB mounting across its product groups: sensors, connectors, switches and relays. Our components contribute to reducing the mounting space on the PCB as well as assembly man-hours.

02-1Surface-mount devices for PC Boards

Omron Surface-mount components

02-2Easy-to-install PC Board components

Push-in Connection PCB Terminal Block

Rotary Back-lock Type FPC/FFC Connector

XF2M/XF3M FPC/FFC Insertion slot/The rotary latch in open position (unlocked) at the time of delivery/Unlike the traditional rotary lock connectors, it eliminates the step to unlock the latch.
Conventional rotary lock type connector
  • 1. Mount the connector.
  • 2. Release the rotary latch.
  • 3. Insert the FPC/FFC.
  • 4. Lock the rotary latch.
In the case of XF2M/XF3M
  • 1. Mount the connector.
  • No need to
    unlock the latch
  • 2. Insert the FPC/FFC.
  • 3. Lock the rotary latch.

03Downsizing / Portability

Omron components contribute to miniaturization of your products

Our compact, slim and low-profile components contribute to your product downsizing, without sacrificing high performance.
Surface-mounting components enable further miniaturization of your products.

03-1Compact / Slim / Low-profile Components

  • Compact power relay G7L-X

    Conventional model G9EB,60mm x 58mm x  25mm,Wiring with screw terminal,Rated capacity DC400V/25A
    New model G7L-X,52.5mm x 47mm x 35.5mm,Mounting on board With PCB terminal,Low-profile Approx. 20%In height,DC600-1000V/25A

    Compact MOS FET relay G3VM-31QR S-VSON package

    Large:DIP(6.4mm x 3.65mm x 4.58mm),Footprint:100%/VSON(2.45mm x 1.30mm x 1.45mm)* Conventional smallest,Non lead type:12%/Small:S-VSON(2.0mm x 1.65mm x 1.45mm),84% in footprint Against VSON type,Non lead type:10%

    Ultra-thin sealed tactile switch B3SE / B3U

    Downsizing comparison (Omron products)
    B3SE B3SE(h2.0mm) B3U B3U(1.2 x 3 x 2.5 mm)
  • Compact low-profile power relay G6QE

    Conventional model G7L-P(5.25mm x 41mm x 35.5mm)Rated capacity AC20A
    New model G6QE(16mm x 20.5mm x 30.5mm)Downsizing87% Volume ratio,Downsizing Approx.70% Infoot print,AC30A (Increased)

    Slim power relay G6DN

    Wide,Rated capacity:  250V/5A,Slim
    G6B-1114P-US 10.0mm max. G5NB-1A-E 7.2mm max. G6D 6.5mm max. G6DN 5.08mm max.

    Ultra small detection switch D3SK / D3SH

    A unique mechanism enables high contact reliability and high precision operation.

03-2Surface-mount type components with a small footprint

SMD type Photomicro sensor EE-SX

03-3Combined components / modules

Connector type Photomicro sensorAll in one package (sensor + PC board + connector)

MOS FET relay moduleSPDT relay module with small footprint

  • G3VM-66M NEW MOS FET relay in module package with SPDT
  • SPDT constituent parts,250mm2 (According to our own research) Reduced by approx.80% in bottomsurface dimensions 50mm2

04High function / high performance

Omron components enable safe circuit design with sufficient margin

We have variety of high capacity, long life, and heat-resistant components to satisfy requests for the variety of your products with longer service life.

04-1High-capacity, long-life switching

High capacity relayNewly added product lineup of high-capacity relays realized with precision finishing of materials and processing methods

04-2High durability / Long life

Long-life switchRealized by adopting stainless steel spring

Photomicro sensorNon-contact sensors create a longer life design

04-3Heat-resistant relays & switches

04-4High frequency / low leakage current