Application Example (1-13)
Picking System

Application Example (1-13)

Picking System

Touchless switch (sensing of hand)


  • ・Prevent the worker from forgetting to pick an item by detecting his/her hand and confirm if it matches the picking direction.

Issues & Requests

  • ・Want to ensure detection of the worker’s hand in a non-contact manner.
  • ・Need a sensor of cost effectiveness because the number of sensors used is high.
  • ・Want to eliminate malfunctioning of the sensor due to external disturbing light.

If a contact switch such as a push button is adopted, maintenance by replacement is needed when the switches are used frequently. And a problem of contact’s opening/closing caused by oxidization may occur when the switches are not used frequently in a humid warehouse.
If a general reflective sensor is employed, an object of low reflectance such as a black glove may not be sensed. In addition, external disturbing light such as sunlight and illumination may lead to the malfunctioning of the sensor depending on the place that the equipment is installed.


  • ・Adopted model:
    Light convergent reflective sensor B5W-LB2112-1
  • ・This sensor is optically designed to detect objects such as specular, black, and transparent objects. Therefore, it is effective for detecting the palm and work gloves of various colors.
  • ・Since the sensing range for various objects is wide(refer to the figure below), it can be easily detected by placing the hand in front of the sensor.
  • ・This sensor has a function that makes it less susceptible to disturbance via light. However, it may malfunction depending on the type and intensity of the light disturbance, so install a sensor to prevent the light disturbance from entering.
  • ・The indicator lamp available type is helpful for aurpplications that require sensor mounting adjustment and operation confirmation ding maintenance. B5W-LB1114-1/2114-1
Sensing distance:2~10mm
Sensing distance:10~55mm

For details, refer to B5W-LB Series: Light Convergent Reflective Sensor User’s Manual.

  • Distance Characteristics for
    Various Reflective Objects

*The possibility of detecting the object varies depending on the sensing object or how to install the sensor.
Be sure to conduct sufficient evaluation using the actual devices before staring practical use.

Recommended models: