MEMS ApplicationsTechnology

Compact and high-functionality MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology


Compact Integration of High Functionality
Based on MEMS chips, ASICs and software algorithms are highly integrated into one compact package.
Integrated Circuit Technology
Signal processing from MEMS sensors, noise reduction, etc. have been compactly realized with dedicated circuits and ASICs
Embedded Software Technology
Miniaturized programming of original algorithms that interpret and judge the signal processing results

Technology Details

Smart Sizing

Smart Sizing

Core parts such as the MEMS chip and the ASIC are compactly packeged in the pressure sensor module with high precision and high reliability

Original Algorithm*

Original Algorithm

Our seismic sensor module contributes to mitigation of secondary disasters caused by earthquakes. It is enabled by OMRON's original software algorithm*, which provides a output signal when the earthquake is equivalent to seismic intensity of 5+ on the Japanese scale.

* The algorithm calculate SI values which have high correlation with the measured seismic intensity, according to OMRON's research as of August 2021


Example of Gas Meter Application

Example of Gas Meter Application
MEMS Pressure Sensing
Sensing of supplied pressure in gas meter, manufacturing equipment, etc.
MEMS Earthquake Detection
Earthquake detection with gas meters, power breakers, manufacturing equipment, etc.
MEMS Non-contact Thermal Sensing
Detection of human presence for air conditioning and in residential and commercial facilities, as well as detection of objects inside refrigerators and microwave ovens