Automotive Switches


Automotive Basic Switches

Automotive Basic Switches

Our extensive sealed switch lineup meets various detection applications for interior and exterior of vehicles.

Automotive Tactile Switches

Automotive Tactile Switches

Our tactile switches for interior of vehicles include long-stroke and middle-stroke with a sealed structure durable even under severe environmental conditions.

Note for sale of Automotive switches and using catalogue

  1. Selling for car makers and companies related to Automotive

    Omron and car makers or companies related to automotive confirm relay specifications and actual using condition to use relays safely. Tests are included when necessary.
    Omron can not sell or guarantee our automotive switches when we have not finished making contracts with Product Specification.

  2. Selling for NO car makers or companies NOT related to automotive, and individual customers

    Basically, Omron can not sell our automotive switches for NO car maker or companies NOT related to automotive. Omron basically can not support for individual customers.

  3. Safety Precautions for All Automotive switches

    When you consider using our automotive switches or see our catalogue, please confirm our Safety Precautions for All Automotive switches in advance.