OMRON DMS's Long-term Vision

DMS's long-term vision aims to solve two social issues: "Climate change (global warming)" and "Aging population and widening individual disparities".

OMRON’s Device & Module Solutions Company (DMS) aims to be a "business that solves social issues" together with its customers based on the "connecting and switching" technology and sensing technology that it has cultivated over the years.

Climate change
(global warming)

Realization of carbon neutrality Contributes to reliable DC interruption and low power consumption to ensure the safety of infrastructure and products compatible with new energy sources.

Aging population/ Widening individual disparities

Realization of a digital society Contributes to the reliability of radio frequency switching and the digitization of sensory information in new equipment that overcomes handicaps and limitations created through the evolution of semiconductors.

DMS’s Long-term Vision Video