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To strengthen the security function of the product with reliable "intrusion" and "destruction" detection

Since most theft crimes are committed with "break-in" or "destruction" as the initial act, better detection accuracy will lead to a reduction in the risk of theft crimes occurring.
OMRON can help create products with robust security features by providing components that can detect these actions in greater detail.

OMRON's sensors to enhance detection of "break-in" and "destruction"

01 Destruction detection

Identifying actions as destruction/abnormality or normal

Built-In Resistor Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch D2AW-R

Four types of outputs can be used to identify "normal operation" switch ON/OFF, "destruction/abnormality" disconnection, and short circuit.

e.g.) Identifying between "switch OFF" and "intentional disconnection," which are difficult to tell*1: Application example: Vending machine and delivery box vandalism prevention, car and motorcycle theft prevention

02 Trip

Detecting human movement day and night

3D TOF Sensor Module B5L

3D detection of the shape of an object is possible in places where cameras cannot be installed for privacy reasons or in darkness.

e.g.) Detecting human movement even in darkness (Note: After combination with algorithms under development). New function AI-based proprietary algorithms estimate human skeletal points and recognize human body posture and state (currently under development). Application example: Night patrol robots, theft prevention in retail warehouses

03 Trip

Preventing fraud through "spoofing"

Human Vision Component HVC-P2 B5T

The one-to-one facial recognition function matches a pre-registered specific ID with the person's facial authentication, deterring fraudulent activities by "spoofing".

e.g.) Enhancing security through ID + face recognition against "spoofing (entering with someone else's ID card)"*2: Application example: Access control system, time and attendance management system, entrance security system

Adding temperature detection for stronger security

MEMS Non-Contact Temperature Sensor D6T

In case of "identity theft (someone else's ID card + photo)": Ambient temperature (25.0°C) in face photo detected: Authentication denied/In case of the person himself (human): Human body surface temperature (36.5°C) detected: Authenticated

Adding D6T which detects human body surface temperature to B5L or B5T would improve security.

* Contents as of December 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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