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What is IoT Gateway ? The Omron IoT Gateway is a communication module
which can connect devices or sensors wirelessly to the cloud.
IoT Gateway provides data transmission and reception,
and has been used in numerous IoT solutions.

Device/Sensor→IoT Gateway→Cloud

The Issue of IoT
~ Cost for R&D ~
Development cost is involved when making IoT devices.
Often, after completion, if the sensor or device changes, it is necessary to redesign.
Therefore, development costs will be incurred each time.

Long time, high cost for development…

The Issue of IoT
~ Quality ~
If it is a general-purpose IoT gateway, quality may not be guaranteed.
Good for PoC, but quality will be issue at launch time.
There will be a need to develop a new IoT Gateway for the launch.

Launch time will be delayed…

The Optimal Original Gateway for
Your Application
OMRON has several hardware options
for interface, wireless communication, and power supply.
Allows for easy integration into your solution and reduces development cost.

OMRON provides as PCB module with OMRON’s quality assurance for each features.

Realization of Speedy Development Platforming the software library.
You can easily develop soft code and achieve speedy integration
into your IoT Project.

Development Software Image

Various Wireless Communication
We offer various types of wireless communication as a platform product.
It covers both long-distance communication (LoRa, LTE)
and short-range communication (BLE, WiFi).

Various Wireless Communication Lineup

For Agriculture Sensing and controlling the environment of fields.
You can find the optimal timing of watering, weeding, pesticide spraying, and harvesting
and reduce the burden of agricultural work and increase yield.

For Energy Infrastructure Weather sensing data can be used to predict the amount of power generated,
and generates only the required amount of electricity.
This makes it possible to realize energy saving and improve maintenance efficiency.

For Smart City Vehicle detection can notify drivers of empty space and guide them efficiently.
Spot weather sensing data can be used to provide new local services to residents
and tell drivers to evacuate from disasters.

Construction Site, Retail, Parks Sports/Leisure

For Other Application Please contact us if you have any application for OMRON IoT Gateway.

Connect with Data

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