Socket type01: Narrow Pitch Compatible

OMRON can manufacture the world’s smallest class* testing sockets with a narrow pitch of 0.175mm
Camera and display modules, which are becoming more multifunctional through high-density mounting, are increasingly using narrower pin spacing. It is extremely difficult to inspect extremely small products with dozens of terminals arranged in a narrow pitch. However, the narrow-pitch compatible type, which is packed with OMRON’s technology, can realize highly accurate inspection even for extremely small and narrow-pitch products that require delicate handling.
Let OMRON take care of the inspection of extremely small and multi-terminal electronic components.

*According to our own research in March 2023

Compatible with a narrow pitch of 0.175mm minimum

Narrow pitch compatible

Item Specification
Contact force 25gf at 0.4mm
Recommended stroke 0.4mm
(PCB side: 0.15mm DUT side: 0.25mm)
Maximum stroke 0.5mm
(PCB side: 0.15mm DUT side: 0.35mm)
Contact resistance 80mΩ
Rated current 2.0A DC
Plating Au

*Specifications are for reference only and may vary depending on the customized product.

We can custom design each pin and socket to suit the actual customer application. Please contact us for details.

Smartphone camera module

More signal transmission means are required with multifunctional and miniaturized high-density mounting. The number of signals to communicate increases despite the limited mounting area. So a narrow pitch terminal arrangement is required to mount more terminals (signal transmission unit). The machine on the inspection side also needs to be able to handle narrow pitches.(Narrow pitch of 0.175mm minimum)

World’s smallest class* with a narrow pitch of 0.175mm
*According to our own research in March 2023

Pogo pins are cylindrical in shape and occupy mounting space, making it difficult to place them side by side at a pitch of 0.35mm or less. Forcibly making the size to be smaller will make it less durable, and the pin will break immediately. However, OMRON’s blade pins, which are formed by depositing metal onto a mold plate using the EFC process technology, are plate-shaped, so they can be arranged at a minimum pitch of 0.175mm. OMRON’s testing sockets meet the narrow pitch needs of inspection products which are becoming increasingly multifunctional due to high-density mounting.

Left: OMRON’s blade pin
Right: Pogo pin

Plate blade pins are thinner than cylindrical pogo pins

Minimum 0.175mm

OMRON’s blade pin
Plate shape enables narrower pitches.
Minimum pitch width of 0.175mm

Minimum 0.35mm

Pogo pin
Cylindrical shape makes it difficult to narrow the pitch compared to plate-shaped blade pins.
Minimum pitch width of 0.35mm

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