vol.272 September 2023

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The reason for being chosen is OMRON's commitment to details that do not appear in specifications.

One of the reasons why smartphones have become popular is due to their intuitive operability. The intuitive operability of smartphones is important but it cannot be expressed in the specifications given in catalogs and other materials. Therefore, if you buy and use a cheaper product even with similar specifications, you may find that the operability is different than expected. OMRON continues to develop products by paying attention to details that are hard to notice so that customers will be satisfied with their decision to choose OMRON.

OMRON's commitment to products that cannot be expressed in specifications leads to high customer satisfaction.

OMRON's products have been used for a long time by many people who appreciate not only the performance but also the ease of use of the products.

Operating microswitches

Our ergonomic measurements and years of know-how have made it possible to achieve an exquisite actuation.

For details, see
"Special page".

PCB terminal blocks

Our unique structure*1ensures contact reliability and easy one-handed attachment and detachment.

For details, see
"Special page".

Tactile switches

Our many years of know-how have realized a stable operation with less breakage and a comfortable operation feel.

For details, see
"White paper".

High-capacity Power Relays

Low contact resistance, yet compact and capable of energizing and interrupting high-capacity loads.

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*1. According to OMRON's research in November 2020.

Various tools allow you to see OMRON's commitment to products that cannot be expressed in specifications.

Special page

Focusing on specific products and industries, and introducing products with features other than the ones in the specifications.

White paper

Examples of applications and product features are summarized in a report format.


The commitment to product development, the background of development, and the enthusiasm of the person in charge at the time of development are introduced in an interview format.
Details are featured on the product

* Contents as of August 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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