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An air switching PCB power relay capable of 600 VDC 50A bi-directional switching is now available.

In response to changes in society promoting carbon neutrality and disaster countermeasures, contactors in systems are being replaced by relays in order to reduce the size and cost of ESS*2, which is rapidly advancing.In addition, the wiring voltage in Japanese households is on the rise.These factors are expected to increase the need for higher capacity DC relays in the future.The G9KB meets this need with its 600 VDC, 50 A bi-directional switching capability.

Application example

  • ESS (Energy Storage System)/V2H (Vehicle to Home)
  • Power supplies for EVs, factory automation equipment (inverters/servos)
  • Home automation equipment (e.g. air conditioning and DC home appliances)
  • Office automation equipment, various types of power supplies, UPS

Reducing the number of mounted components by supporting high-capacity and bi-directional switching

Systems with 600VDC charging/discharging

Four conventional relays for 400 VDC required Diode 400 V 600 V charging 600 V discharging
  • Charging or discharging 600 VDC requires 2 relays of 400 VDC each
  • Current flow is only one directional, requiring two lines; one for charging and the other for discharging

Result:Four 400 VDC relays and two diodes required

G9KB can be supported with one 600 VDC unit 600 V charging 600 V discharging Mounting area reduced by approx. 75%
  • High-capacity type supported with a single 600 VDC unit 600 VDC 50A
  • A single line supports bi-directional switching
  • Acquired UL60947-4-1 and EN61810-10
  • Small footprint (W37 x L50.5 x H50.5 mm)

*1. For 600 VDC, 50A bi-directional switchable in air switching type. According to OMRON's research in May 2022.
*2. ESS (Energy Storage System): Power storage system
*3. Comparison of mounting area with conventional relays.

Here's the trick!
G9KB Arc cutoff analysis technology that realizes high-capacity, bi-directional switching with air switching

In addition to arc control technology*4 (G5PZ-X) using permanent magnets, 3D arc analysis technology established through industry-academia collaboration has completed a structure that is unaffected by the direction of current. As a result, 600 VDC, 50 A bi-directional switching has been achieved with air switching.
*4. Arc control technology is introduced in Fresh On The Board vol. 253 (February 2022 issue).

Temperature High Low Simulated image of 3D arc analysis

When arc extension is performed with a permanent magnet, the direction in which the arc extends changes depending on the direction of the current being cut off. G9KB is designed to extend and cut off the arc even when the current direction is reversed.

Color changes and differences will not be missed

I2C RGB signal

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Color Sensor B5WC Series

* Contents as of May 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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