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What OMRON can do in the age of "storing and using" electricity.

What OMRON can do in the age of "storing and using" electricity.

PV and EVs are key to achieving a decarbonized society. Electricity is produced by solar power (PV) and stored in storage batteries or EVs. As the cycle of such electricity (DC) use accelerates, the demand for DC switching relays in ESS*1 such as storage batteries and power conditioners is also expected to increase.
OMRON contributes to the safe circuit design of ESS with its wide assortment of DC relays.

The "store and use" style of electricity is beginning to spread both at home and in factories.

PV to produce electricity, Batteries for storing electricity, Power conditioners that use electricity, EVs for storing and using electricity / On the DC side of batteries and power conditioners (DC load switching applications), DC switching relays are used to safely cut off the circuit in the event of a failure.

OMRON's DC Switching Relay Lineup

OMRON's DC Switching Relay Lineup

Note: The size ratios in each product photo are approximate. For more information, refer to the datasheet.
*1. ESS (Energy Storage System): Power storage system
*2. Special products are not listed in the catalog. Please contact our sales staff for details.

* Contents as of January 2022.
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