Application Examples (10)
Label Printer

Photomicrosensors (photointerrupters) Application Examples

Typical application examples of Photomicrosensors (photointerrupters) are as follows. Even if the device is different, it may be useful for solving problems, so please refer to it.

Application Examples (10)

Label Printer

Position mark detection


  • ・To print the label at the exact position by detecting the mark printed on the label tape.

Issues & Requests

  • ・Want to improve the positional accuracy of printing by using a reflective sensor with high detection positional accuracy.
  • ・Want a sensor that minimizes fluctuations in the detection position even when the label tape flops around.
  • ・Need a small reflective sensor because of the limited installation space.


  • ・Adopted model:
    High-precision position sensing reflective Photomicrosensor (photointerrupter)
  • ・This sensor can detect print marks with high accuracy using a very small spot with a high performance lens.
  • ・The optical design is less susceptible to detection distance fluctuation (tape flopping).
  • ・A model EE-SY169B is available for dye ink print detection (with red LED).

Recommended models: