Application Examples (4)
Chip Component Mounter B

Photomicrosensors (photointerrupters) Application Examples

Typical application examples of Photomicrosensors (photointerrupters) are as follows. Even if the device is different, it may be useful for solving problems, so please refer to it.

Application Examples (4)

Chip Component Mounter B

Positioning of various mechanisms


  • ・Positioning of various mechanisms for chip component mounter.

Issues & Requests

  • ・Need a small optical sensor with M3 screw mount, connector, and 24V-driven.
  • ・Need a sensor that is small, but can tolerate a certain amount of rattling of the object to be detected.


  • ・Adopted model:
    Screw-mount connector type Photomicrosensor (photointerrupter)
  • ・This sensor achieves miniaturization with its unique optical element,
    making it effective for mechanisms with limited mounting space.
    It can be mounted with M3 screws as well, which are standard components.
  • ・Despite its small size, the 5 mm slot width allows for a certain amount of positional variation (rattling) of the object to be detected.
  • ・The power supply voltage is available in 5V and 24V. The 24V type, which is ideal for large equipment, has a built-in protection circuit (Zener diode) for noise resistance.

Recommended models: