vol.266 March 2023

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High-capacity power relay G9KA-1A-E W51mm×L56.7mm×H54.5mm 1.5 times higher current than conventional ones

A new high-capacity type of 1000VAC 300A is now available
in the G9KA series

Demand for high-capacity distributed PV inverters has been increasing in recent years in terms of stable power supply, capital investment, installation cost reduction, and maintenance man-hours.
However, the higher the capacity, the higher the temperature of the board and mounted components, resulting in a shorter product life.
In addition to the conventional 200A type, OMRON has added a new high-capacity type to the series with a high current switching of 300A and a design structure that suppresses temperature rise.

OMRON’s relays for PV inverters

G9KA-1A Low heat generation, [NEW] G9KA-1A-E Low heat generation & High heat dissipation

Application examples

  • ・PV inverter
  • ・UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • ・ESS
  • ・EV charger

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Here's the trick!
G9KA-1A-E 1000VAC 300A realized by “heat suppression” and “heat dissipation”

By focusing on both heat suppression and heat dissipation structures and incorporating them into the design, the G9KA series has achieved a high current of 300A class while maintaining the low heat generation that is a feature of the G9KA series.

Heat suppression structure [Double-break twin structure that suppresses heat by shunting current (Parallel current-carrying paths for shunting)] + Heat dissipation structure [High heat dissipation terminal structure with high legs for better air passage] => Relay temperature rise can be suppressed, thus improving performance in various aspects. [High capacity: Energizes and interrupts 1000VAC 300A, the highest among OMRON’s high-capacity power relay products] [Long life: Reduced PCB damage due to high temperatures] [Downsizing: Reduction of the number of heat-dissipating parts enables reduction of the PCB area] [Energy-saving: Improved power generation efficiency by reducing energy waste due to heat generation]

*1. The product photo above shows the G9KA-1A. The features of the heat suppression structure are the same.

* Contents as of February 2023.
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