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MOS FET relay G3VM-□AY2/DY2 W4.58mm×L6.4mm×H3.65mm Ambient temperature up to 110℃

Assortment On The Board
New high-temperature type for
DIP 4-pin high insulation type

A new series of products that can withstand ambient temperatures up to 110°C has been added to the existing high-insulation series that can withstand temperatures up to 85°C.
A wide range of variations makes it easier for customers to select the optimum product for their operating ambient temperature.

MOS FET relays Lineup

Continuous load current (peak AC/DC)/Maximum load voltage (peak AC/DC)

Relays capable of withstanding high temperature environments are required
As equipment becomes smaller and more multifunctional, designs are becoming more prone to heat generation due to the many parts being densely packed.
In addition, the inside of power meters tends to have high-temperature environments because they use robust cases with high airtightness to prevent outdoor use and theft of electricity.

Miniaturization tends to generate high temperatures/Hermetically sealed case tends to generate high temperatures

*1. Conventional 85°C compatible products are also available. (G3VM-401AY1/DY1 and G3VM-601AY1/DY1)

“High insulation” is essential for instrumentation devices
To prevent the influence of noise and signal wraparound between circuits, many instrumentation devices require insulation between input, output, and power supply circuits
Insulation is also required for the operation panel, which may be touched directly by hand, to protect the safety of the user.
OMRON’s high-isolation type MOS FET relays have high insulation performance, achieving an input-output withstand voltage of 5,000 Vrms (= voltage that can be withstood even if applied to an insulated section for a specified time without causing dielectric breakdown).

Application examples

Power meter/PLC/Semiconductor inspection equipment

A special website for MOS FET relays is now open!

Making the “Impossible” “Possible” by having the features of both mechanical relays and semiconductors. MOS FET Relay

The features and mechanisms of MOS FET relays are explained on a special website, so please visit this site as well.

* Contents as of January 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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