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Color Sensor B5WC W8.4mm × L40mm × H15.9mm

Color sensors for built-in devices are finally available!
- Color changes and differences will not be missed -

Color Sensor Application Examples

Machine tool: Remote monitoring of lubricant color
By monitoring the color of the lubricating oil with a color sensor, the deterioration of the oil can be quantitatively monitored, optimizing and streamlining maintenance.

Ratio of RGB output voltage to petroleum product color standard sample*

*For ASTM Color

Drink dispenser: Automatic supply of beverages according to cup color
By automatically selecting beverage types based on the cup color using a color sensor, stores can improve work efficiency and reduce waste due to improper operation.

1. Cup color is purple → Grape juice served/2. Cup color is red → Strawberry juice served Ratio of RGB output voltage to Munsell color

Special features here!
Color sensor following the size of the B5W series for built-in device applications.

Same external dimensions as B5W-LB2 series.
B5WC Product Specifications
Item      Model B5WC-VB2322-1
Sensing distance 40 mm (white paper)
Light source White LED
Power supply voltage 5 VDC±5%
Current consumption 18 mA max. (at 5.25 VDC)
Output type I²C communications supported
I²C output Output voltage value for red/green/blue: 0.45 V±20%
(gray reference plate, at sensing distance of 40 mm),
Output saturation voltage: Typ 2.75 V (output voltage range: 0 to 2.75 V),
SCL/SDA input H voltage: 2.54 to 5.4 V,
Input L voltage: 0.9 V max.,
SDA output L voltage: 0.44 V max. (at output current of 3 mA)
Sampling period 1 msec
Data refresh period Sampling period (1 msec) x Average count (1 to 50 times)
Ambient temperature range Operating: -10 to +70°C, Storage: -25 to +80°C
(with no icing or condensation)

* Contents as of October 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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