vol.261 October 2022

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Want to "watch over" those who
"don't want to be watched".

In recent years, the number of elderly people living alone has been increasing due to the shift to nuclear families.
In such situations, people around them are unable to provide immediate support when something goes wrong. Consequently, lonely deaths have become a social problem and the need for watching over the elderly has increased.
However, some people feel as if they are under surveillance or restrained when they are monitored by cameras, and this can be more uncomfortable than reassuring.
Omron offers a variety of sensing devices that address both privacy and monitoring concerns.

Privacy-conscious monitoring is made possible by
Omron’s sensing technology.

Support by monitoring people is utilized in various places.

・General household ・Facility manager ・Call center

Monitoring through the surrounding environment

Monitoring indirectly through changes in environmental data related to people’s lives.

Application example

Illuminance (lighting ON/OFF)
・Light turned ON? (wake-up)
・Light turned OFF? (lights-out)

Noise (daily life noise)
・Are there sounds of life?

Temperature and humidity (comfort)
・Comfortable living environment?
・Any risk of heat stroke?

Acceleration (earthquake tremor)
・Any damage from earthquake?

Environmental sensor (USB type) 2JCIE-BU

You can sense various environmental information around you such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, acceleration, illuminance, VOC, noise.

Monitoring through daily activities

Monitoring indirectly through what people touch and operate on a daily basis.

Application example

・Touched the railing?

・Grasped the doorknob?

Touch sensor W7ED

Touch sensors can be easily configured by simply screwing them onto a conductive object such as a metal. In addition, by utilizing functional ground, it is easy to prevent static electricity from entering the electrodes from the human body.

Monitoring through other objects besides cameras

Monitoring people directly through temperature distribution and distance images.

Application example

Skeletal coordinate output

Distance and location information

Indoor view→Detection result

Temperature information

3D TOF Sensor Module B5L

Infrared LED irradiation allows the camera to monitor people day and night without being noticed. It can also detect human motion using skeletal point information for posture estimation.

MEMS Non-Contact Temperature Sensor D6T

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