vol.260 September 2022

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Planning & DesignMobility
Undeterred by water and dust,
drones and AMRs are still active today.

Mobility through drones and AMRs, is attracting attention as an approach to solving various issues, such as solving labor shortages and improving work efficiency, and the market continues to expand.
As mobility products are battery-powered and used in diverse environments, high performance is required in this field. OMRON contributes to the needs of the mobility market by adding "compact and lightweight," "DC switching," and "environmental resistance" to such requirements.

Contributing to the mobility market with compact and
lightweight + DC control + environmental resistance.

Water, Dust

Mobility products require a high level of three requirements.

Compact and lightweight
Compact and lightweight are required to reduce battery consumption.

DC switching
Both control and power are DC due to battery use. The optimum components for DC switching are required.

Operation under harsh environments
Performance is required to operate properly in a variety of environments, including water and dust.

Introduction of OMRON products that meet the three requirements Compact and lightweight
Contributing to low power consumption by device miniaturization
Supporting DC switching
Contributing to reliable DC switching.
Environmental resistance
Dustproof and waterproof construction contributes to use in diverse environments.
Ultra-compact relay for 12VDC applications
THR (PIP) mounting compatible, vibration-resistant contact structure.
W9.3 x L8.5 x H14mm
Weight: ca. 3.0g
DC rating: 14V25A
DC motor load
[Heat resistance]
Operation temperature range
-40°C to +125°C
Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch
Slide structure for quietness, high reliability, and long stroke.

For more information, refer to product.

W8.3 x L5.3 x H6.5mm
Weight: ca. 0.5g
(For terminal type pin pushbutton model)
DC rating: 13.5VDC
10mA resistance load
Degree of protection IEC IP67
(Protrusions not included)
MOS FET relay, P-SON 4-pin, high-capacity & low-ON resistance type
No-lead small high-capacity package.
Note: Marking may differ from actual products.
W2.1 x L3.4 x H1.3mm
(P-SON package)
Weight: ca. 0.02g
Absolute max. rating:
Load voltage 30VAC/DC
Continuous load current 4.5A
[Heat resistance]
Operation temperature range
-40°C to +110°C
Ultra-thin sealed surface mount
tactile switch
Sharp clicking feel and high durability of 1 million clicks.
W6.2 x L7.0 x H2.0mm
Weight: ca. 0.13g
DC rating:
3 to 12VDC, 1 to 50mA
Degree of protection IEC IP67
(Protrusions not included)

* Contents as of August 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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