vol.258 July 2022

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"Shortcut Maintenance" for efficient maintenance and servicing

To reduce the time required for maintenance and servicing, it is important to identify abnormalities at an early stage, determine the cause instantly, and replace or repair them in the shortest possible time.
To facilitate these three processes, OMRON has focused on "shortcut maintenance", which reduces the workload itself. The electronic mechanical components that make this possible contribute to efficient maintenance and servicing.

Reducing the workload allows for more efficient maintenance and servicing.

Shortcut the time and effort required to check the control unit during sensor installation and maintenance

(Operation indicator to check normal operation)The indicator on the sensor allows the user to check the status without moving to the control unit.
[ NEW ]
Light Convergent Reflective Sensor with Operation Indicator B5W-LB
Details are featured on the product

Shortcut the time required to open equipment in case of trouble

(Determine status by switch alone)The circuit status can be determined without opening the equipment, allowing quick identification of the cause of the failure. Wire broken. Four voltage states allow identification of switched ON, switched OFF, disconnected, and short-circuited
Built-In Resistor Sealed Ultra Subminiature Basic Switch D2AW-R
For details, see SAOO-952J (June 2021 issue).

Shortcut the time and effort to pick up special tools for connection and adjustment

(One flat-blade screwdriver serves all purposes)A flat-blade screwdriver will quickly solve a bad connection. Twisted wires can be connected without using crimp terminals
XW4M/XW4N 3.5 mm-Pitch Push-In Terminal Block PCB Connector

* Contents as of June 2022.
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