vol.255 April 2022

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Ventilating adequately, No touching, Avoiding 3Cs

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Contributing to safe society with devices supporting needs for hygiene

Two years have already passed since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a new coronavirus pandemic, and our awareness of the importance of hygiene in our daily lives has changed dramatically. New COVID-related hygiene protocols such as "no touching", "ventilating adequately", and "avoiding 3Cs" have emerged. Even after the end of the pandemic, these customs will probably become established as common sense in our lives.
OMRON has the sensing devices necessary for non-contact, ventilation, and avoidance of 3Cs (closed space, crowded places, and close-contact settings) to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure the post-COVID society.

OMRON's sensing devices support the creation of products that meet emerging hygiene needs.

01 No touching

Non-contact detection
Non-contact detection

Non-contact operation of buttons on elevators, vending machines, and access control among others.

Light Convergent Reflective Sensor B5W-LB

Stable detection of hands and human body without being affected by background or color.

MEMS Non-Contact Temperature Sensor D6T

Non-contact, highly sensitive detection of human body and ambient temperatures.

Human Vision Component (HVC-P2) B5T

Detection of people and faces to enable non-contact entry/exit control.
Facial recognition security has improved and applications have expanded with the new "one-to-one authentication function".

02 Ventilating adequately

Ventilation monitoring
Ventilation monitoring

Environmental factors such as air flow, temperature, and humidity in the room are monitored for optimal ventilation.

MEMS Differential Pressure Sensor D6F-PH

Both "positive/negative pressure" and "ventilation rate" can be monitored. Connector-connected models which do not require a sensor board have been added to the lineup for better usability.

Environmental Sensor (USB Type) 2JCIE-BU

Air quality sensing functionality based on temperature, humidity, and VOC*1 among other factors is incorporated to determine if ventilation is working.

03 Avoiding 3Cs

Crowd monitoring
Crowd monitoring

Faces and human bodies from images are detected and authenticated to determine "crowded places," "closed space," and "close-contact settings" conditions.

3D TOF Sensor*2 Module B5L

Real-time 3D sensing of distance between humans using TOF method to identify close-contact settings. A skeletal estimation algorithm that can even recognize a person's posture and condition is under development.

MEMS Non-Contact Temperature Sensor D6T

Highly sensitive detection of human surface temperature enables confirmation of close contact settings.
A new board for RS-485 communication is scheduled for release.

Human Vision Component (HVC-P2) B5T

Capable of counting the number of people on the screen by human/face detection.

*1. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds found in substances such as alcohol, tobacco smoke, and formaldehyde.
*2. A TOF (Time of Flight) sensor uses the flight time of light to measure distances to objects.

* Contents as of March 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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