vol.245 June 2021

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By identifying operation as "normal" or "abnormal" with a single switch, it is useful for self-diagnosis and also remote maintenance.

Microswitch with built-in resistor D2AW-R
Launched in June 2021

Applicable to:

Reduction of downtime through fault diagnosis (Machine tools, mounters, robots)
Detection of intentional destruction (Vending machines, security equipment, smart meters)

Here's the trick!
D2AW-R Detecting 4 states

{Voltage output of D2AW-R (with built-in resistor): Four types of outputs, "Vc c, V1, V2, 0V," can be used to identify "(4) short-circuit, (1) switch ON, (2) switch OFF, (3) wire breakage} {Voltage output of D2AW (Standard Product): There are only two outputs, "Vc c and 0 V," thus "(1) switch ON and (4) short-circuit" and "(2) switch OFF and (3) disconnection" cannot be identified.}
Standard operation and Abnormal operation

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