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B3W-9 Illuminated Tactile Switch

Compact Illuminated Through-hole-mounting Switches with Two LEDs

  • Compact construction 10 × 10 × 11 mm (W × D × H) and 12 × 12 × 11 mm (W × D × H) with bright and uniform illumination.
  • Three-color illumination (red LED + green LED = orange).
  • Standard force (1.57 N) and high-force (2.26 N) models.

RoHS Compliant
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List of Models
■10 × 10 mm Models
Operation type Contact material Height Operating force (OF) LED color No. of LEDs Cap color
Model Minimum packing unit
B3W-9000 Series: Standard force  Silver plated  11 mm  1.57 N {160 gf} max.  Blue 1 Blue  B3W-9000-B1B  300 pcs 
1 Transparent  B3W-9000-B1C 
1 Milky white  B3W-9000-B1N 
2 Blue  B3W-9000-B2B 
2 Transparent  B3W-9000-B2C 
2 Milky white  B3W-9000-B2N 
Green 1 Transparent  B3W-9000-G1C 
1 Green  B3W-9000-G1G 
1 Milky white  B3W-9000-G1N 
2 Transparent  B3W-9000-G2C 
2 Green  B3W-9000-G2G 
2 Milky white  B3W-9000-G2N 
Green (high brightness) 1 Transparent  B3W-9000-HG1C 
1 Green  B3W-9000-HG1G 
1 Milky white  B3W-9000-HG1N 
2 Transparent  B3W-9000-HG2C 
2 Green  B3W-9000-HG2G 
2 Milky white  B3W-9000-HG2N 
Red  1 Transparent  B3W-9000-R1C 
1 Milky white  B3W-9000-R1N 
1 Red  B3W-9000-R1R 
2 Transparent  B3W-9000-R2C 
2 Milky white  B3W-9000-R2N 
2 Red  B3W-9000-R2R 
Red + Green  2 Transparent  B3W-9000-RG2C 
2 Milky white  B3W-9000-RG2N 
Red + High bright green  2 Transparent  B3W-9000-RHG2C 
Red + Blue  2 Transparent  B3W-9000-RB2C 
Yellow  1 Transparent  B3W-9000-Y1C 
1 Milky white  B3W-9000-Y1N 
1 Yellow  B3W-9000-Y1Y 
2 Transparent  B3W-9000-Y2C 
2 Milky white  B3W-9000-Y2N 
2 Yellow  B3W-9000-Y2Y 
B3W-9002 Series: High force  Silver plated  11 mm  2.26 N {230 gf} max.  Blue 1 Blue  B3W-9002-B1B  300 pcs 
1 Transparent  B3W-9002-B1C 
1 Milky white  B3W-9002-B1N 
2 Blue  B3W-9002-B2B 
2 Transparent  B3W-9002-B2C 
2 Milky white  B3W-9002-B2N 
Green 1 Transparent  B3W-9002-G1C 
1 Green  B3W-9002-G1G 
1 Milky white  B3W-9002-G1N 
2 Transparent  B3W-9002-G2C 
2 Green  B3W-9002-G2G 
2 Milky white  B3W-9002-G2N 
(high bright­ness)
1 Transparent  B3W-9002-HG1C 
1 Green  B3W-9002-HG1G 
1 Milky white  B3W-9002-HG1N 
2 Transparent  B3W-9002-HG2C 
2 Green  B3W-9002-HG2G 
2 Milky white  B3W-9002-HG2N 
Red  1 Transparent  B3W-9002-R1C 
1 Milky white  B3W-9002-R1N 
1 Red  B3W-9002-R1R 
2 Transparent  B3W-9002-R2C 
2 Milky white  B3W-9002-R2N 
2 Red  B3W-9002-R2R 
Red + Green  2 Transparent  B3W-9002-RG2C 
2 Milky white  B3W-9002-RG2N 
Red + High bright green  2 Transparent  B3W-9002-RHG2C 
Red + Blue  2 Transparent  B3W-9002-RB2C 
Yellow  1 Transparent  B3W-9002-Y1C 
1 Milky white  B3W-9002-Y1N 
1 Yellow  B3W-9002-Y1Y 
2 Transparent  B3W-9002-Y2C 
2 Milky white  B3W-9002-Y2N 
2 Yellow  B3W-9002-Y2Y 

■12 × 12 mm Models
Operation type Contact material Height Operating force (OF) LED color No. of LEDs Cap color
Model Minimum packing unit
B3W-9010 Series: Standard force  Silver plated  11 mm  1.57 N
{160 gf} max. 
(high brightness) 
1 Blue  B3W-9010-B1B  300 pcs 
1 Milky white  B3W-9010-B1N 
2 Blue  B3W-9010-B2B 
2 Milky white  B3W-9010-B2N 
Green  1 Green  B3W-9010-G1G 
1 Milky white  B3W-9010-G1N 
2 Green  B3W-9010-G2G 
2 Milky white  B3W-9010-G2N 
(high brightness) 
1 Green  B3W-9010-HG1G 
1 Milky white  B3W-9010-HG1N 
2 Green  B3W-9010-HG2G 
2 Milky white  B3W-9010-HG2N 
Red  1 Red  B3W-9010-R1R 
1 Milky white  B3W-9010-R1N 
2 Red  B3W-9010-R2R 
2 Milky white  B3W-9010-R2N 
Red + Green  2 Milky white  B3W-9010-RG2N 
Red + High bright green  2 Milky white  B3W-9010-RHG2N 
Red + Blue  2 Milky white  B3W-9010-RB2N 
Yellow  1 Yellow  B3W-9010-Y1Y 
1 Milky white  B3W-9010-Y1N 
2 Yellow  B3W-9010-Y2Y 
2 Milky white  B3W-9010-Y2N 
B3W-9012 Series: High-force  2.26 N {230 gf} max.  Blue  1 Blue  B3W-9012-B1B 
1 Milky white  B3W-9012-B1N 
2 Blue  B3W-9012-B2B 
2 Milky white  B3W-9012-B2N 
Green  1 Green  B3W-9012-G1G 
1 Milky white  B3W-9012-G1N 
2 Green  B3W-9012-G2G 
2 Milky white  B3W-9012-G2N 
(high bright­ness) 
1 Green  B3W-9012-HG1G 
1 Milky white  B3W-9012-HG1N 
2 Green  B3W-9012-HG2G 
2 Milky white  B3W-9012-HG2N 
Red  1 Red  B3W-9012-R1R 
1 Milky white  B3W-9012-R1N 
2 Red  B3W-9012-R2R 
2 Milky white  B3W-9012-R2N 
Red + Green  2 Milky white  B3W-9012-RG2N 
Red + High bright green  2 Milky white  B3W-9012-RHG2N 
Red + Blue  2 Milky white  B3W-9012-RB2N 
Yellow  1 Yellow  B3W-9012-Y1Y 
1 Milky white  B3W-9012-Y1N 
2 Yellow  B3W-9012-Y2Y 
2 Milky white  B3W-9012-Y2N 
Ratings/Characteristics(Same for Both Standard and High-force Switches)
Rating (resistive load) 1 to 50 mA, 3 to 24 VDC
Minimum applicable load
(reference value)
10 μA at 1 VDC (resistive load)
Ambient operating temperature -25°C to +70°C at 60%RH max. (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient operating humidity 35% to 85% (at +5 to +35ºC)
Contact configuration SPST-NO
Contact resistance (initial value) 100 mΩmax.
Insulation resistance 100 mΩ max. (at 250 VDC with insulation tester)
Dielectric strength 500 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min
Bounce time 5 ms max.
Vibration resistance Malfunction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude
Shock resistance Destruction: 1,000 m/s2 {approx. 100 G} max.
Malfunction: 100 m/s2 {approx. 10 G} max.
Durability Switch section
1.57 N (standard force):1,000,000 operations min.
2.26 N (high-force):300,000 operations min.
Degree of protection IEC IP00
Washing Not possible

Operating Characteristics
Switches (B3W-90□0)
High-force Switches
Operating force (OF) 1.57 N {160 gf} max. 2.26 N {230 gf} max.
Releasing force (RF) 0.2 N {20 gf} min. 0.49 N {50 gf} min.
Pretravel (PT) 0.25+0.2/−0.1 mm

LED Specifications (Ambient temperature Ta = 25°C)
LED color
Green (high brightness)
Maximum operating current IFM 27 mA 27 mA 27 mA 45 mA 27 mA
Recommended operating current IF 20 mA 10 mA 20 mA 20 mA 20 mA
Forward voltage (standard value) VF 1.8 V 2.1 V 3.7 V 2 V 3.7 V
Maximum reverse voltage VR 5 V 5 V 5 V 5 V 5 V
Ambient operating temperature −25°C to 70°C
Note: For Switches with two LEDs, red and green, the recommended operating current is 12 mA for the red and 20 mA for the green LED for application with three-color illumination.
(Unit: mm)
1LED Types
B3W-9:Dimensions1 B3W-9:Dimensions1
Note: Terminal numbers are not printed on the Switch itself.

Note:If the poles of the LED are set incorrectly, it may result in malfunction.

2LED Types
Note: Unless otherwise specified, a tolerance of ± 0.4 mm applies to all dimensions. No terminal numbers are indicated on the Switches.

Note 1: If the poles of the LED are set incorrectly, it may result in malfunction.
Note 2: For models with two-color LEDs, the color of LED 1 is at position LED 1. The color of LED 2 is at the position LED 2.

Precautions for Correct Use

●Electrical Standards

Use the Switch within the rated voltage and current ranges, otherwise the Switch may have a shortened life expectancy, radiate heat, or burn out. This particularly applies to the instantaneous voltages and currents when switching.


1. Soldering Precautions
•Before any kind of soldering, test to confirm that soldering can be performed properly. Otherwise the Switch may be deformed by the soldering heat depending on the type of PCB, pattern, or lands of the PCB.
•Do not solder the Switch more than twice, including rectification soldering. Wait for at least five minutes between the first and second soldering to allow the temperature to return to normal. Continuous soldering may cause the casing to melt or deteriorate the Switch characteristics.

2. Automatic Soldering Baths (Wave Soldering)
•Soldering temperature: 260°C max.
•Soldering time: 5 s max. for a 1.6-mm thick single-side PCB
•Preheating temperature: 100°C max. (ambient temperature)
•Preheating time: Within 60 s
Make sure that no flux will rise above the level of the PCB. Also make sure that flux is not applied to the switch terminals or to the mounting surface of the PCB. If flux overflows onto the mounting surface of the PCB, it may enter the Switch and cause a malfunction.

3. Manual Soldering
•Soldering temperature: 350°C max. at the tip of the soldering iron
•Soldering time: 3 s max. for a 1.6-mm thick, single-side PCB
•Precautions: Before soldering the Switch on a PCB, make sure that there is no unnecessary space between the Switch and the PCB.


Standard Switches are not sealed, and cannot be washed. Doing so will cause the washing agent, together with flux or dust particles on the PCB, to enter the Switch, resulting in malfunction.


The Switch is designed for a 1.6-mm thick, single-side PCB. Using PCBs with a different thickness or using double-sided, through-hole PCBs may result in loose mounting, improper insertion, or poor heat resistance in soldering. These effects will occur, depending on the type of holes and patterns of the PCB. Therefore, it is recommended that a verification test is conducted before use.


1. Usage Environment
Before installing the Switch, make sure that the area of installation is not subject to corrosive gases emitted from surrounding parts. Do not use in areas subject to high temperatures, high humidity, or toxic gases such as sulfuric gas (H2S, SO2), ammonia gas (NH3), nitric gas (HNO3), or chlorine gas (CI2). It can cause corrosive damage to the contacts and result in malfunction. If there is silicon in the atmosphere, it may stop the contacts from functioning properly. If silicon products, such as silicon oil, silicon filler, or silicon wires, are used in the surrounding area, install a contact protection circuit to prevent arching or remove the silicon source. The following situations may cause water to enter inside the Switch, resulting in a malfunction due to contact failure or corrosion.

•Using the Switch in an outdoor environment where it is exposed to water drops for an extended period of time.
•Using the Switch in an underwater setting where it is subject to strong water pressure.

Do not use Switches that have been dropped. The mating section or other internal parts may be damaged, resulting in malfunction.


Do not repeatedly operate the Switch with excessive force. Applying excessive pressure or applying additional force after the plunger has stopped may deform the disk spring of the Switch, resulting in malfunction.
Be sure to set up the Switch so that the plunger will operate in a straight vertical line.
If the plunger is pressed of-center or from an angle it may cause deformation or damage to some parts. This may result in deterioration of durability or malfunction.

●Dust Protection

Do not install or use Switches in dust-prone environments. If a Switch must be used in this kind of environment, use a protective sheet or take other measures to protect it against dust.


Switches with high-brightness green (HG) or blue (B) LEDs are susceptible to static electricity. Be careful when handling a Switch with these LEDs as it may cause the Switch to breakdown.

●Removing the Cap

1. Hold the cap at the side away from the mating section. Pull straight up.
2. Do not remove the cap while the Switch is mounted. Doing so will apply force to the soldered section and LEDs, resulting in malfunction.

●Placing the Cap on the Switch

Hold the Cap at the side away from the mating section. Push straight down until the mating section meets.

●Removing the Cap

The Cap can be removed up to two times. Excessively removing the Cap will cause the mating section to become weak, resulting the operating section not mating completely or the Cap may fall off.

●Film Dimensions

Dimensions of the film are shown below. The thickness is 0.2 mm.