What is a Toggle Switch?


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Toggle Switches have an operating lever that can be pushed up and down or left and right to switch an electrical circuit.
A “toggle” is a small wooden rod that is used as a clothing fastener in the place of buttons. The term “toggle switch” was created because of the resemblance of the switch’s lever to that of the toggle used in clothing.


Simple and Realiable OperationThe user can press the protruding rod-shaped lever to easily and reliably switch between the ON and OFF states.
Many VariationsToggle switches are used in a wide variety of general-purpose applications, and therefore have an extremely large number of variations in both external size and specifications.

As toggle switches are used in an extremely high number of general-purpose applications, you can choose the most suitable switch for your application in a variety of toggle switches.


Toggle Switches are categorized by their external size.
Miniature and Subminiature Toggle Switches are mounted on panels for devices and equipment. The mounting holes for these switches on the panel surface have a diameter of 12 mm and 6 mm, respectively.
Ultra Subminiature Toggle Switches are soldered directly onto PCBs.
In addition to the external size, other product variations depend on the number of contacts, the ON/OFF states at the lever positions, momentary operation (i.e., whether or not the lever is self-resetting after the user removes their hand from the lever) and other characteristics.
We have also designed our Toggle Switches to provide the IP64 ingress protection defined in the IEC 60529 standard to prevent the internal mechanisms of the switch from foreign objects, flux and other particles so that they can be easily embedded in devices during the manufacturing process.

Miniature Toggle Switches
··· For mounting holes with a diameter of 12 mm

Subminiature Toggle Switches
··· For mounting holes with a diameter of 6 mm

Ultra Subminiature Toggle Switches
··· For mounting onto PCBs

Select the external size that best suits the device or equipment that will house the switch.


This is an example of an ultra subminiature toggle switch with ingress protection that meets the IP64 requirements in the IEC 60529 standard.
It consists of a lever, spring, O-rings, plunger, moving armature, case and base.

Toggle Switch Structure Image

1  Lever

The user can press the lever in the operating direction to switch between ON and OFF.
Levers are generally made of resin, but some are made of metal on larger products to increase durability.

2  Spring

The spring is loaded inside the lever.
It pushes outwards on the lever and is always in contact with the base.

3  O-ring

These are circular rubber parts that seal the connections between the base and the case and the moving parts in the case and lever from foreign objects.

4  Plunger

The plunger is a resin component attached to the bottom of the lever and is designed to always be in contact with the bottom of the base to restrict the movement range of the lever.

5  Moving Armature

This is a U-shaped contact embedded into the lever.
The tip of the U-shape contact moves with the lever ,the terminal is put between the tips to activate the ON state of the switch mechanism.
This makes it difficult for foreign objects to come between the contacts.

6  Case

The case protects the internal components of the switch.
It also supports the lever through the hole on the upper surface.

7  Base

The base is utilized along with the case to protect the internal components of the switch.
The terminals for the switch protrude from the bottom of the base.


Electrical Circuit and Control Circuit Switching for Industrial and Commercial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

  • Machine tools, metalworking equipment, packaging machines, conveyors, robots, etc.

Commercial Equipment

  • Measuring Devices, Imaging Equipment, Broadcast Equipment,Communications Equipment, etc.

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