vol.269 June 2023

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Digital Media: Easy to search, Print (Analog): You'll find unexpected information

Design & Procurement Design & Procurement Support
Coexistence of digital and print to make your component selection process smoother.

DX is now commonplace in the world. With advances in digitization, digital content on the Internet is increasingly being used in the actual selection of components.
On the other hand, however, there are cases where print media such as catalogs are easier to use.
OMRON provides both digital and analog information content that is easy to use in a variety of situations.

OMRON spreads information with free crossover between digital and print media.
You can use them in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

[For example,]

Want to know more
about the performance
of the product
Need to know products
that meet required
specifications we’ve
already determined
Digital Media ・Not bulky even with increase in information  
・Easy to search

Omron’s Electronic Components Site

・Video contents ・Special page ・3DCAD ・White paper ・Datasheet

Collecting multifaceted information becomes possible with the extensive and diverse content

・Parametric search

Enter the criteria and you will get a list of applicable products.


Delivers the latest information on OMRON’s electronic components, including updates on product releases.

Smart linkage between print and digital media through web links and QR codes Paper copies are also available in PDF format.

Want to get a bird’s
eye view of the whole
process and compare
key specifications
Want to know about
possible problems and
countermeasures before
introducing a product
Print (Analog) ・Comparable  
・You’ll find unexpected information
・A sense of security that you can keep it close at hand

❸ Selection Guide

Easily comparable product guidebook with a center spread

Details are featured on the product
Selection Guide

Fresh On the Board

We communicate the advantages of our products from the customer’s perspective.

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Fresh On the Board

❹ The Solutions

Photos and illustrations provide a correct understanding of the precautions to be taken when using the product.

Details are featured on the product
Selection Guide

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* Contents as of May 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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