vol.263 December 2022

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The decarbonized society is
here to stay with us without
any further delay.

Global warming and international conflicts have created an urgent need for a decarbonized society and energy security. We are beginning to see a direct impact on our daily lives, such as higher household electricity bills.
In this context, the DC energy system diffusion is rapidly gaining ground. Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to make solar panel installation mandatory for new homes starting in 2025, and solar panel subscriptions with low initial investment have begun.
OMRON contributes to technologies that safely and securely “store” and “use” the high-voltage, high-current energy required to build systems.

Contributing to the construction of DC energy systems

OMRON contributes to technologies that safely and securely store and use the high-voltage, high-current energy required to build systems. Where DC switching relays are required: Solar panel, Power storage/distribution boards, Emergency shutoff device, Battery, EV charger

The diverse lineup of DC switching relays for various applications helps

to realize compact equipment design while controlling high current of contactor class (system and equipment in general)

For emergency interruption of large currents that are essential for system safety (batteries, EV chargers)

  • ・Ultra-low contact resistance of 0.2 mΩ
  • ・Stable and waste-free air switching of large currents of 60 VDC/800 VAC 200 A
Ultra-low contact resistance of 0.2 mΩ
[ NEW ]
  • ・For emergency interruption of high voltage 1,000 VDC, high current 100 A loads
  • ・UL/CSA compliant

Details are featured on the product

Maximum interruption 500 A at 1,000 VDC

For bi-directional energizing circuits required for "storing" and "using" electricity (batteries, EV chargers)

  • ・600 VDC, 50 A bi-directional switching allows compact system configuration
  • ・UL, IEC, and CQC certified
High-voltage, bi-directional switching reduces the number of components

* Contents as of November 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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