vol.263 December 2022

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DC Power Relays G9EC-1-B-X1 W44mm×L98mm×H86.7mm

Assortment On The Board
DC power relay G9EC-1, capable
of interrupting high-voltage,
high-current DC loads, is now
available in a 1,000 VDC type.

(Maximum interruption
                  500 A at 1,000 VDC)1,000 VDC switching available, Same size as standard G9EC, UL/CSA compliant, UL508 certified. Major applications: PV battery, DC quick charger, Large battery for business use [Specifications]Rated load: 1,000 VDC 100 A, Rated carry current: 200A, Withstand voltage: 4,000 VAC 1 min., Electrical durability (resistive load): 1,000 VDC 100 A, 6,000+ times/1,000 VDC 150 A, 1,000+ times, Maximum interruption current: 1,000 VDC 500 A, 5+ times, Operating temperature: -40~85°C

Main performance

PCB terminals, Main performance of screw terminals

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