Which basic switches are suitable for microload?

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Our basic switches with rated current of 0.1 A support microload.


Shown below are Omron’s basic switches (rating of 0.1 A respectively) that support microload.

V size:

  • VX
  • D2MV
  • D2RV
  • D2VW
  • D2MC
  • D3V

S size:

  • SS
  • D2S
  • D2SW
  • SSP
  • D2SW-P
  • D3M

J size:

  • D2F
  • D2FD
  • D2HW
  • D2JW
  • D2FW

*Please note that D3M, D2FS, D2QW, D2AW are switches dedicated for microload.

For more information, see "Switch Basics” Applications / Microloads.

Quick tips

When the product is used under a load smaller than the minimum applied load, repeated switching generates oxide film, which may lead to poor contact mainly during microload switching. The product must be used with voltage and current that should not be lower than the minimum applied load (reference value).

  • Minimum applied load example 5 VDC, 1 mA
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Related Questions

Which basic switches have gold-plated contacts?
Gold contacts are mainly used in 0.1A rated Omron basic switches.
VX-01, D2MV-01, D2MC-01, D2VW-01
SS-01, D2S-01, D3M-01, D2SW-01, SS-01P, D2SW-P01
D2F-01, D2FD-01, D2HW, D2JW-01, D2FW-G01
Gold-plated sliding contact: D2QW-C0
What is the basic switch failure rate?
The failure rate of the basic switch is the contact reliability test data under a microload. For our basic switches, the N level is used as a reference value.
For high-capacity loads, the number of electrical switching is guaranteed.
What kind of problems may occur if the set current is below the “minimum applicable load” for a basic switch?
Below the minimum applicable load for a basic switch, the contact surface is more susceptible to the chemical coating formed due to the influence of the surrounding environment, leading to potential contact failure.

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