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Power relay capable of switching 20 A with explosion-proof*1certification

Explosion-proof certified products were previously available up to 16 A (G2RL), but this relay is a sealed type (hermetically sealed) and can cover up to 20 A. Ideal for air conditioning equipment that uses flammable refrigerants to reduce environmental impact, as well as for applications that require explosion-proof and safety-conscious structural designs.

NEW Plastic-sealed power relay G5PZ-1A4-E W24.0mm×L10.5mm×H25.0mm

Power relays (explosion-proof standard IEC/EN 60079-15 compliant)

*1. Explosion-proof: To prevent fire and explosion caused by flammable gases, etc. Power relays are considered a source of ignition and may require explosion-proof certification compliance.

Please see "DMS GREEN PROJECT" to learn more about OMRON DMS Company's attitude towards the environment.

In general, many refrigerants increase the risk of ignition as the global warming potential decreases.

Green refrigerants with low global warming potential are attracting attention because refrigerant leakage into the atmosphere affects global warming. However, many of them are flammable, so it is necessary to ensure safety by eliminating the risk of ignition. General relays can be ignited by arc discharge, etc. when the contact opens and closes.

Global warming potential of refrigerants*2

Main refrigerants currently used in air conditioning equipment / Green refrigerant

*2. Global warming potential: This indicates how many times more greenhouse effect the target refrigerant has compared to CO2.

Application examples

Air conditioner / FA inverter

As a sealed relay, it can be used for wide range of applications not only for explosion-proof applications to prevent dust, potting, dew condensation, and other foreign matters.

Slim relay usable even at an ambient temperature of 105°C

This slim relay has the same 5 mm width as the conventional product, but supports an upper ambient temperature of 105°C and has low power consumption of 110 mW. It addresses the issue of rising temperatures in housing caused by the miniaturization and high integration of components in factory automation equipment, etc.

COMING SOON Power relay G6DN-1A-CF W12.5mm×L20.0mm×H5.08mm

Application examples

FA inverter
Temperature controller
Robot controller
Machine tool
Alarm device

* Contents as of October 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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