vol.273 October 2023

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High visibility、Low cost、Easy to install

Design & Planning Usability
A single component solves the need to check device status and settings at a glance.

Recently, various devices have begun to be connected via networks, making it possible for devices to interwork with each other even when they are far apart. However, when setting up or checking the status of devices, it is necessary to travel to the site where each device is installed to check its status. This takes time and effort if the devices are located far from each other. As a labor-saving measure, there are cases in which devices are equipped with a display that can be checked at hand (touch panel, LCD, etc.), but achieving a balance between cost and effectiveness is difficult when only simple functionality is required.
OMRON contributes to the realization of simple and easy-to-use products by providing electronic components with integrated displays.

A single component improves visibility, operability, design man-hours, and cost.

Improved status check visibility
Issue [1]:Status checks require approaching to a visible distance. Issue [1]:Status checks require approaching to a visible distance.

The status can be checked even from a distance
by whether the light is on or not.

Responding to design needs
Issue [2]:There is a need to downsize, control costs, and reduce design effort. Issue [2]:There is a need to downsize, control costs, and reduce design effort.

The same design for the operating unit and the display unit allows for easy design while keeping costs down.

The ON/OFF status of the device can be checked at a glance.

Addressing issues [1] and [2]

Rocker switch
Neon-illuminated type

The status can be checked without moving to the control unit.

Addressing issues [1] and [2]

Light convergent reflective sensor
(with operation indicator)

Small size yet bright and uniform light emission can support device input.

Addressing issues [1] and [2]

Illuminated tactile switch

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