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Can power consumption be reduced by increasing sensitivity?

Development / Design Environmental Responsiveness
The most effective way to reduce power consumption is to choose highly sensitive electronic components.

Low power consumption is becoming increasingly valuable as companies' efforts to address climate change is gaining more attention. There are various design methods to reduce power consumption in the development of new products. If the selection of electronic components directly leads to the realization of low power consumption, it will not only reduce the design burden but also contribute to the expansion of functionality.
OMRON offers a wide range of electronic components that realize low power consumption by increasing sensitivity. Helping customers realize low power consumption of their products easily and conveniently.


Proposals to realize low power consumption with our highly sensitive devices

Power relay

High sensitivity enables operation with "less power"

Optimized coil design
G5V-2 => G5V-2-H1:Operates with less power (70% reduction)

Up to 70% reduction in power consumption of the reference product*1

Reduction of 38% by the reference product

Reduction of 32% by the reference product

Reduction of 70% by the reference product

Reduction of 25% by the reference product

*1. Value obtained by comparing the power consumption of the high-sensitivity product and the reference product with the same rated voltage.

MOS FET relay

High sensitivity enables operation even with "low-light intensity"

LED chip / Increased sensitivity by improving the light receiving element
[Conventional model]Light intensity: Operates at high => [High-sensitivity MOS FET relay]Light intensity: Operates even at low

Input side current reduced to 1/3 of the conventional model

High-sensitivity MOS FET relay

[NEW] G3VM-61VY4
[NEW] G3VM-351VY1

G3VM-61G2, 61G3, 201G1, 201G2, 351G1,
401G1, 601G1, 601G, 61VY4, 351VY1

Details are featured on the product


High sensitivity enables operation even with "short light emission time"

Conventional model:Light emission time => EE-SX1330-2:Drive time reduced by high-speed response with pulse drive (PWM)

Response time reduced to less than half in comparison of our conventional model

High-speed response type

EE-SX1330-2 (not listed in the catalog)

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* Contents as of April 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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