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We need to address the social
issue of “climate change”

In October 2020, the Japanese government declared its goal of becoming carbon neutral, reducing its overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to zero by 2050.
This initiative is not limited to Japan, as more than 120 countries and regions have now set the goal of becoming “carbon neutral by 2050”. Furthermore, to achieve carbon neutrality, many companies are promoting decarbonized management by setting long-term visions toward 2050 and mid-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for 2030.
Through the “DMS GREEN PROJECT”, OMRON’s electronic components business (hereinafter referred to as DMS*1) supports its customers in achieving carbon neutrality in order to solve the social issue of “climate change”.

Through the “DMS GREEN PROJECT”, DMS*1 supports its customers in achieving carbon neutrality.

We offer a broad lineup of products that contribute to our customers' carbon neutrality in the three categories A, B, and C, which relate to "supply chain emissions".


Contribution to clean energy-related equipment


Contribution to decarbonization of customer products


Reduction of carbon emissions during production of customer products

Upstream [Scope3 = CATEGORY1: Products and services to be purchased, CATEGORY4: Transportation & delivery (upstream), CATEGORY5: Waste from business (B)] => Customer [Scope1 = Fuel combustion(C) / Scope2 = Use of electricity(C)] [Renewable energy supply(A)] => Downstream [Scope3 = CATEGORY9: Transportation & delivery (downstream), CATEGORY10: Processing of sold products, CATEGORY11: Use of sold products, CATEGORY12: Disposal of sold products(B)]

*1. OMRON Device & Module Solutions Company (DMS)


OMRON DMS links the three initiatives of “products”, “production processes”, and “procurement” to challenge the carbon neutrality of the entire value chain of our customers. In addition, the efforts are published on our website with special content.


We contribute to carbon neutrality from three aspects of the supply chain. (Here is an example)


Safe disconnection of high-capacity loads

Providing small, high-capacity relays with ultra-low contact resistance for “distributed systems” of clean energy power generation facilities.

High capacity power relay

New products in this series are featured on the product side.


Green refrigerant compatible


Explosion-proof standard (IEC/EN) 60079-15 compliant. Contributing to ensuring the safety of air conditioning equipment with “green refrigerants,” which is expected to become widespread in the future.

Power relay (Explosion-proof certified)

Failure detection/prediction


Reduction of energy use during production is achieved by detecting the degree of deterioration of equipment lubricating oil. This is done in order to prevent breakdowns and reduce production loss.

Color sensor

* Contents as of February 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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