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PCB Power Relay G5PZ

Design & DevelopmentEnergy-savingEnergy-saving for your devices that can contribute to initiatives for SDGs

The use of low power-consuming components in place of high power-consuming relays, switches, and photomicrosensors in board circuits leads to effective energy savings.

01 Significant reduction in coil power consumption

Coil power consumption can be reduced by up to 75% when used at coil holding voltage after relay operation.

Power consumption reduction by up to 75%

02 Further miniaturization

The same switching capacity with smaller and thinner size than the conventional product, contributing to downsizing of PCB as well.

Approx. 55% smaller by volume/Approx. 52% slimmer by area

A large lineup of low power-consumption components in the relay, sensor, and switch categories.
It can be used in energy-saving designs for a variety of devices.

Category PCB power relay MOS FET relay Photomicrosensor Rocker switch
Typical model name, photo, & detailed information of product G5PZ
Low holding voltage type
Latching type
MOS FET relay
Photomicrosensor (transmissive)
High-speed response type(This product is not listed in the catalog. For details, please contact your dealer or OMRON.)
Delay OFF rocker switch
Energy-saving performance High sensitivity with 530 mW power consumption further reduced to 133 mW at 50% holding voltage Latching function that operates simply by applying voltage to the coil and maintains that state even when the voltage is cut off, cutting device's coil power consumption Drive power reduced from 110 mW to 18 mW compared to mechanical relay G6DN-1A (30VDC, 5A) with the same switching capacity Reduction in lighting time of drive LEDs by 37% "Reset function" by external signal to turn off the power switch and eliminate standby power of the device
Other low power product models ・G6QE
There are 28 models in total with a continuous load current of 3 A or more, including the above.
※For details, please contact your dealer or OMRON.
- ・A8GS

* Contents as of May 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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