vol.244 May 2021

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Connector focused on usability Special page is available now for Push-in Terminal Block PCB Connector XW4M/XW4N

Please check 5 features

Now available on video

1.Unique*1 two-piece spring structure

Now available on video

2.One-handed action

Now available on video

3.Hands free

4.Standard pin number marked*2

5.Realized conduction check in wired condition

*1. According to OMRON's research in November 2020.
*2. Available for XW4N only.

Push-In Terminal Block PCB Connectors Designed with a Unique Dual-Spring Structure for Enhanced Ease of Use

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Understanding problems can prevent them in advance

The SOLUTIONS - Troubleshoot Case Studies

We have released "Troubleshooting Case Studies" and The Solution Series "Connectors" web catalog, a collection of common problems encountered when using connectors.
You can find information on the causes and remedies for cases of problems that occur in the field.
Use this information to help prevent problems and take corrective actions.

* Contents as of April 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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