What are corrosion-resistant basic switches?

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There are various types of corrosion and Omron’s basic switches have various specifications such as gold contacts, sealed structures, and built-in reed switches that will help prevent corrosion. Select proper specification as needed.


Oxidation and sulfurization of silver contacts are inevitable due to the external environment. However, it is possible to reduce the influence by using gold contacts, sealed structures, and built-in reed switches.
The criteria for the environment cannot be defined. It is recommended to perform evaluation under actual usage with the following types of switches:

  • Those that use gold contacts (0.1A rating or microload switching compatible product)
  • Sealed basic switch (less susceptible to external environmental influences because its structure prevents water from entering)
  • Built-in reed switch type (D2RV)

Note that the metal parts other than contacts are affected.

For more information, see "Basic switch” Structures.

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