Omron Wins Japan Branding Award


Hoofddorp, Netherlands, Wednesday, 26th September 2019 – OMRON won the “Japan Branding Awards 2019” an award by Japan’s leading branding company ‘Interbrand Japan’ wherein the branding activities of corporations, organizations, businesses and services are evaluated. Best companies leading in branding activities are chosen from among 140 applicants for the “Winners” award.

Left:(GIC)Brand Communications Dept Ms. Satomi Somekawa
Right: Award Vice Chair, The Graduate School of Project Design Headmaster Ms.Risa Tanaka


The award was a result of OMRON's efforts to "create a better society" by promoting the implementation of OMRON Principles through various activities, starting with TOGA (The Omron Global Award), that were highly evaluated even from the perspective of branding. Particularly, TOGA went beyond merely encouraging the understanding and penetration of corporate principles among the employees, and constructively showcased the details of implementation globally, thus expanding the wheel of response and resonance within and outside the company.

The rise in OMRON’s recognition as a brand will increase the trust and expectations for OMRON’s products and services, and also increase the number of partners. With more external partners willing to collaborate on fighting social issues, we will be able to tackle greater issues and expand our policy beyond internal response and resonance.
Let’s continue to practice our corporate principles and contribute to creating a better society through our business activities.

Download PDF version here.

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