OMRON Among Japan's Best Brands


OMRON was ranked 40th by Interbrand, with its brand value amounting to $952 million.

Hoofddorp, Netherlands, Wednesday, 3 March 2021 – The Japanese subsidiary of Interbrand, the world's largest branding company, announced its "Best Japan Brands 2021" that evaluates the top 100 Japanese brands. OMRON was ranked 40th, up five places from the previous year, with its brand value amounting to 952 million USD (approx. 100.5 billion yen), a year-on-year increase of 8%. OMRON has received this accolade for the fourth year in a row.

This accolade was based on our continuous efforts to achieve the goals of Value Generation 2020 (VG2020), such as identifying the material sustainability issues on which OMRON should focus and establishing specific initiatives in order to solve these problems. Our efforts to solve them have been continuously evaluated by external stakeholders. In addition, as exemplified by the opening of "Automation Center TOKYO", OMRON was also recognized for its ongoing branding activities, including the creation of a new business model that aims to grow business by understanding customers and actively listening to their voices, as well as its efforts to provide brand experience to customers through various live and digital touch points.

To applaud OMRON's success upon winning this accolade, Tsutomu Igaki, Executive Officer, Global Investor and Brand Communications​, stated the following:

"I am very proud of this achievement. The rise in the OMRON's brand value, specifically ranked 40th, up five places from the previous year, with increase in its brand value amount by 8%, is a proof of public acknowledgment of sincere efforts of the OMRON group employees towards the implementation of our corporate principles through their work. Let’s continue to contribute to the creation of OMRON brand by implementing the OMRON Principles".

"Best Japan Brands 2021" is an Interbrand award program to calculate the brand value ranking of the Japanese Brands by using a brand valuation method that converts the brand value into a monetary amount (evaluation period: Nov 2019 – Oct 2020).

For details, visit the Interbrand website.

Download PDF version here.

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