Heat Pump & Flammable Refrigerant Application Solutions Using Explosion-Proof Relays


Please join this webinar which will focus on OMRON’s range of explosion-proof relays, highlighting their compliance with safety standards such as IEC/EN 60079-15 for explosive atmospheres. In this session, it will emphasize the importance of using explosion-proof relays in heat pumps and other applications that utilize green refrigerants, which are expected to become more widespread in the future. Green (A2L) refrigerants have lower global warming potential but can be flammable, posing ignition hazards. By using explosion-proof switching components, the entire equipment can be made explosion-proof while ensuring safety.

During this webinar, discussions will include:

  • Overview of the Green Refrigerant transition and need for Explosion-Proof Relays
  • OMRON’s Explosion-Proof Relay line-up and roadmap
  • How OMRON’s Relays can be utilized within Heat Pumps and Flammable Refrigerant Applications


Microswitch built into a mouse

Zac Hendrix
Relay Product Manager

Zac Hendrix attended Northern Illinois University and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, with emphasis in sustainable energy. He is currently the Relay Product Manager for Omron, serving as the America's technical contact for Omron's diverse relay product offerings. He has expertise with relay applications within the Automated Testing Equipment, Factory Automation, and Smart Home Building industries.