vol.264 January 2023

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Three challenges required in the inspection process

"Quality" is very important in product value.
In order to ensure quality while also maintaining high manufacturing efficiency, reliable and efficient operation is essential in the inspection process which has undergone an increase in the number of inspection points.
In addition, environmental responsibility for the earth is now a proposition that companies are expected to address.
OMRON offers high-performance electronic components that can meet these three challenges required in the inspection process.

We propose ways to improve the quality, efficiency, and environmental responsiveness of the inspection process with our electronic components.

Quality improvement
Increases inspection reliability

The contact-reliable structure and high linearity performance enhance the reliability of the inspection.

Reduces inspection time

Improvement of work efficiency as well as conservation of electric power consumption.

Environmental responsiveness
Reduces disposal loss

The reduction of product disposal loss leads to a reduction in environmental impact.

For mobile device inspection equipment

Testing Socket for Devices with USB Type C Connectors XP2U-001
Details are featured on the product

[ Inspection quality ]
Resin tip prevents scratching the inspected object.

[ Efficiency ]
Automated inspection made possible by eliminating locking mechanism and realizing ultra-low insertion/removal force

[ Environmental responsiveness ]
Realization of 200,000 times insertion/removal durability significantly reduces the loss of cables that were previously discarded after about 3,000 times.

For semiconductor (IC) inspection equipment

Product cross section: Blade pin for side contact/BGA/Inspection target IC

BGA type

EFC IC Test Socket

[ Inspection quality ]
Reliability and low contact resistance*1

[ Efficiency ]
High pass rate*1

[ Environmental responsiveness ]
High durability*1

*1. Compared with pogo pin.

For various signal inspection equipment

Inspection equipment (IN)<-->Inspection equipment (OUT)

The connection between the inspection equipment and the inspection target can be switched at high speed.

MOS FET relay G3VM series

[ Inspection quality ]
Excellent linearity characteristics

[ Efficiency ]
Fast response reduces inspection time

[ Environmental responsiveness ]
Long life realized by semiconductors

* Contents as of December 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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