G9TB AC Power Latching Relay


120 A Compact and high power
latching relay

  • High power switching: 120 A, 276 VAC
  • Compact size: 37 mm × 43 mm × 22 mm
  • Low temperature-rise
  • High overcurrent capability, conforming to IEC62055-31 UC3
  • Conforms to UL 508


This web page provides an excerpt from a datasheet. Refer to Product Datasheet and other applicable documents for more information. Models for which CAD data is available can be checked from the "Model list".


Data type File name Date of update
Data sheet Data sheet G9TB
Precautions Safety Precautions for All PCB Relays
Selection Guide Electrical Mechanical Relay Selection Guide


Relevant information for each model is listed. CAD data can be downloaded after logging in or registering as a member.

Model 2D/3D CAD*1 ECAD*2 Buy online RoHS Certification Product Status
G9TB-K1ATH-E Login/Register
RoHS Certificate In production
G9TB-K1ATW-E Login/Register
RoHS Certificate In production
G9TB-U1ATH-E Login/Register
RoHS Certificate In production
G9TB-U1ATW-E Login/Register
RoHS Certificate In production
  • *1See here for 2D,3D CAD data specifications.
  • *2External site (Ultra Librarian) opens in a new window.
    Ultra Librarian uniquely created ECAD data based on the information provided by OMRON. Please note that OMRON does not guarantee the accuracy, concurrence or completeness of ECAD data.