G9EC-1 DC Power Relays

Power Relays Hi Capacities Switching: G9EC-1

DC Power Relays Capable of
Interrupting High-voltage, High-current

  • A compact relay (98 x 44 x 86.7 mm (L x W x H)) capable of switching 400-V 200-A DC loads. (Capable of interrupting 1,000 A at 400 VDC max.)
    1,000 VDC 100 A type are also added.
    (Capable of interrupting 500 A at 1,000 VDC max.)
  • The switching section and driving section are gas-injected and hermetically sealed, allowing these compact relays to interrupt high-capacity loads. The sealed construction also requires no arc space, saves space, and helps ensure safe applications.
  • Downsizing and optimum design allow no restrictions on the mounting direction.
  • Terminal Cover is also available for industrial applications.
  • UL/CSA standard UL508 approved.
  • Downloadable data
  • CAD

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