G7EB PCB Power Relays

PCB Power Relays: G7EB
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High Power and High Temperature Type
Power Relay with 480 VAC 100 A Current

  • 480 VAC/100 A high current switching
  • 60 VDC/100 A for normal/reverse direction switching
  • Ambient temperature 85°C
  • High impulse withstand voltage, 10 kV
  • Contact gap ≥3.6 mm (Applied to VDE0126)
  • Low initial contact resistance ≤5 mΩ
  • Downloadable data
  • CAD

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Data type File name Date of update
Data sheet Data sheet G7EB
Precautions Safety Precautions for All Relays
Selection Guide Electrical Mechanical Relay Selection Guide


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White Paper 100A High power PCB relay G7EB Instruction of product performance and reference circuit