G5V-2 Low Signal Relay

Signal Relays: G5V-2

General-purpose, Low-cost,
Two-pole Relays for Signal Circults

  • General-purpose DIL terminal layout.
  • Wide switching power of 10 μA to 2 A.
  • Fully-sealed type Relays standardized with bifurcated crossbar contacts. Highly reliable in addition to its high environment resistance.
  • Conforms to FCC Part 68 (impulse withstand voltage of 1,500 V for 10 x 160 μs between coil and contacts and between contacts of the same polarity).
  • High dielectric strength at 1,000 VAC between coil and contacts, and 750 VAC between contacts of the same polarity.
  • UL and CSA standard approved.
  • Downloadable data
  • CAD

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Data sheet Data sheet G5V-2
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