G5RL-U/-K PCB Power Relay

PCB Power Relays: G5RL-U/-K

Small-Size and Low-Back High
Performance Latching Relay that
Realizes a 16-A High Inrush
Switching Current

  • Creepage distance 8 mm between coil and contacts
  • 10 kV impulse withstand voltage
  • Ambient operating temperature 85°C
  • Suitable for TV-8 rating (G5RL-□1A-E)
  • In-rush resistant and supports illumination load
  • Compatible with capacitor load (IEC60669-1) (G5RL-□1A-EL-HA)
  • Compatible with the International Safety Standard for Electrical/ Electronic Household Appliances (IEC60335-1) (G5RL-□1A-EL-HA)
  • Downloadable data
  • CAD

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