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Contact resistance reduced to 1/10

*1. G7L-X: Initial 100 mΩ or less to G7L-X-SI: Initial 10 mΩ or less

Newly released low contact resistance type with initial 10 mΩ or less for the 1000 VDC board-mount type high-capacity power relay G7L-X

The need for high-capacity products such as electric vehicle chargers and household power storage systems has further increased in recent years.
However, the heat generated by the large current flow will shorten the life of the circuit board of the equipment. Therefore, relays with low contact resistance should be selected.
OMRON has launched a new relay with “low contact resistance of initial 10 mΩ or less” in the high-capacity band of 1000 VDC.
OMRON contributes to solving customers’ heat generation problems with its high-capacity, low-heat generating relays based on ultra-low contact resistance technology.

OMRON contributes to the construction of DC energy systems.

OMRON’s DC switching relays make it possible to construct high-voltage, high-current DC energy systems in a safe, secure, and compact manner.

Model G7L-X [NEW] G7L-X-SI
Rated load 600 VDC 30 A 1000 VDC 25 A
Contact resistance Initial 100 mΩ or less*2 Initial 10 mΩ or less*2
Rated energizing current 30 A
Maximum contact current 30 A
Electrical durability
(resistive load,
with 2-pole series wiring)
Normal polarity 100 operations (25 A 1000 VDC 85°C)
Electrical durability: Normal polarity 6,000 operations (30 A 600 VDC 85°C)
Reverse polarity 5,000 operations (-30 A 600 VDC 85℃)

*2. Measurement conditions: Based on 5 VDC 1 A voltage drop method

Application examples

Household storage batteries, DC quick charger, Business-use large storage batteries

* Contents as of June 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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