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“Withstand” and “Prepare” for
high temperatures

In response to high-performance and high-value-added needs, higher performance and higher density mounting of CPUs and GPUs have been making steady progress. Meaning an increase in the amount of heat generated inside the product, resulting in a high-temperature environment. High temperatures inside the product may cause the product to malfunction.
If the temperature rises further, the product may ignite from the inside, causing enormous damage.
What is demanded today are products that can “withstand” high-temperature environments, can be used without problems, and have measures in place to “prepare” for ignition in advance. OMRON contributes to manufacturers’ product development by providing components that “withstand” and “prepare” for high-temperature environments.

OMRON’s high-temperature compatible components meet a wide range of market needs.

There is a risk of product failure or fire due to ignition when used in high-temperature environments or when components generate heat. => Operational failure in high-temperature environments. => Signs of ignition(abnormal temperature) => Ignition

“Withstand” with OMRON’s components

Works normally even at high temperatures

By increasing the ambient operating temperature of the component,
OMRON components can work normally even in environments that are prone to high temperatures.

Withstand voltage of 5,000 V has been achieved at an operating temperature of 110°C.


Details are featured on the product.

Application: smart meters

Ambient temperature up to 125°C is possible.

Application: mobility devices

Be “prepared” with OMRON components

Predict ignition hazards

OMRON components monitor abnormal temperatures to prevent ignition before it occurs.

Capable of detecting high-temperature objects in the temperature range of 0 to 200°C.


Application: switchboards, control panels, distribution boards

Incombustible materials

OMRON’s components use flame-resistant plastic materials to minimize damage in the event of an accidental ignition.


Conforming to glow wire test standards for ignition temperature and flammability.

Application: home appliances, office automation equipment, building automation equipment

* Contents as of January 2023.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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