vol.256 May 2022

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Three new DC power relay products focusing on "high reliability" and "miniaturization" required for moving bodies

Power relays are used to supply 12 V and 24 V power to robots mounted on top of moving vehicles, and for opening and closing small 12 V and 24 V motors. These power relays must be small, and have a high contact pressure resistance to vibration. In addition to the basic structure, G8K / G8G / G8PM have a special feature: a small, high-capacity switching that is resistant to vibration.


Low load (1 to 5 A)

Middle load (up to 15 A)

High load (up to 40 A)


1 to 5 A
Small relay compatible with 24 VDC power supply

Basic structure with vibration-resistant contact pressure + miniaturization

G8K / G8G / G8PM (The illustration above shows an example of G8G) Switching structure without a card: The structure without a card provides high contact pressure resistant to vibration and allows for miniaturization. Large coil size: These models can be used safely in moving bodies such as an autonomous mobile robot because of their large coils and strong contact pressure structure. Use of highly durable, low-heat generating material: The use of highly durable and low heat generating material specially designed for DC switching enables high-capacity switching even with small relays.

More features!
Advancements in miniaturization, contact reliability and heat dissipation needed for DC rating for continuous energizing current

 Example of forward/reverse rotation control of a general DC motor G8K-2*1: Simplified PCB wiring


A focus on smaller mounting area requirements
OMRON's unique terminal arrangement simplifies the board wiring (layout), making further miniaturization possible.

Comparison example in the same class (24 VDC, 5 A) The industry's smallest class*2 G6RL G8G-1SV


A focus on miniaturizing for middle power relays
The industry's smallest class*2 mounting area for middle power relays.

General shape: Small heat radiation area / G8PM :Patented*3 Large heat radiation area allows dispersion of heat load


A focus on contact reliability and heat dissipation required for high capacity 40 ADC
High contact reliability and high heat dissipation characteristics required for high capacity 40 ADC are made possible with OMRON's unique contact structure.

*1. Twin type that combines the functions and structure of G8K-1 into a single package.
*2. OMRON survey result, April 2022.
*3. A patent has been obtained for the contact piece shape. The notation "patent pending/patented" indicates that a patent is pending or has been patented in Japan. (As of April 2022)

Other applications (Nursing care bed/Bathing equipment for nursing care/Staircase lift)

Expanding applications

In addition to applications for autonomous mobile robots, the products can also be used for batteries for elevators during power outages, 24 VDC power supply control of FA equipment, and opening and closing of various DC motors, solenoid valves, solenoids, etc.

* Contents as of April 2022.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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