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Maintenance, Manufacturing & DesignMaintenance man-hour reduction and standardization
The maintenance effort must be reduced anyway.

Maintenance work to ensure site safety and product quality takes a lot of time and skill.
OMRON's connectors reduce maintenance man-hours both during planned and emergency maintenance with their unique structure and skill-less workability.

01 Zero retightening work during planned maintenance

The two screw-less structures eliminate the need for time-consuming retightening of screws before shipment, after transportation, and during periodic maintenance.

【Push-in terminal block PCB connector】Push-in structure that does not loosen once inserted, Strongly held in place by spring pressure【Smartclick circular waterproof connector】Bayonet lock mechanism that does not loosen once engaged, Fixed by connector latch block

02 Reduced replacement time for emergency maintenance

Both the push-in and smartclick types do not require skilled workmanship or special tools, reducing replacement hours and downtime in the event of failure.

Just plug it in and the wiring is complete. Fitting complete by just twisting by 1/8 turn. Patented.

OMRON's connector product line that helps reduce maintenance man-hours

3.5 mm-Pitch Push-In Terminal Block PCB Connector
PCB Terminal Block (Push-in type, SMT terminal 2.54 mm pitch)
Round Water-resistant Connectors

*1. According to OMRON's research in February 2021.
*2. Comparison between OMRON's M12 threaded connector and smartclick connector. Reference value based on our research.
*3. The notation "patent pending/patented" indicates that a patent is pending or has been patented in Japan. (As of October 2021)
Smartclickis a registered trademark of OMRON.

* Contents as of October 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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