vol.244 May 2021

Bringing you the latest information on board design Fresh ON THE BOARD Solutions

Solving Problems with You: Offering solutions that can be applied to issue that can arise in a rapidly changing market and environment./Creating Value with You: Helping you to add more value to your product by providing the latest information on electronic mechanical components (・Inspiration for creating high value-added products/・Ideas for quick response measures to environmental changes/・Clue to the solution of the problem)

Security & Safety
"Fresh On The Board" has been renewed.

We will continue to provide clear and consice, useful information with our customers best interest in mind.

We will make concrete efforts to solve your problems and create value.

Smaller & Thinner/Manpower Saving & Automation/Man-Hour Reduction/Higher Functionality & Performance/IoT & 5G utilization/Energy-saving/Security & Safety/Higher Productivity

For example, specific challenges and solutions to counter the spread of infection are:


Touchless operation

Body surface temperature measurement

Social distance check


Ventilation check

Ventilation monitoring

* Contents as of April 2021.
In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice

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