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Light Convergent Reflective Sensor

Light Convergent Reflective Sensor

Suppression of the difference between colors or materials of detecting objectives.
Detection of transparent and mirror reflective objectives.
General purpose
No use of additional parts by optical system design suppressing ambient surroundings.

Basic construction/Operating principles

Applications (Mouseover here and you can see applications.)

  • Refrigerator
    "Glass detection"

    Coffee machine
    "Cup detection"

    Robot vacuum cleaner
    "Floor gap detection"

  • Vending machine
    "Cup detection"

    "Paper detection,
    Transmissive detection"


Electric and optical characteristics

Table4 electric and optical characteristics (Ta=25℃ , Vcc=5.0V)
Parameter Symbol Characteristics Unit Conditions
Operating supply voltage Vcc 4.5 5.0 5.5 V -
Maximum Output voltage Vomax - 3.3 - V -
Output votage (Far) Vofar - - 30 mV At L=70mm by White paper *
Output votage (Near) Vonear 70 - - mV At L=22.8mm by Black pape *

*Input frequency; 500Hz duty40%, Input voltage; 5V
  Output voltage at no reflective object is defined as 0 mV.
  Fig.3 show Dataum level and Mouting surface.

Fig.3 Measurement method of distance to reflective object


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